Taking Home the Audience Choice Award!

After two quarters of hard work, we finally arrived at a polished product, complete with rotation, zoom, swiping off layers, and a menu interface. We felt prepared and ready for our moment to shine at the 2014 iSchool Capstone event, hoping to bring home at least an Audience Choice award for our novel application.

With our toughest features implemented, we hauled our 55″ television, prism, and tent over to the HUB Ballrooms for the final capstone event. Set up was quite a busy time, with a tent to assemble, television to stabilize, prism to align, and business cards to print. By 6 pm we were ready to show interested visitors into the dark tent which blocked interfering light from our volumetric display. By 7 pm, we had a line of people waiting to see our capstone project!

The iSchool Capstone event, decorated with our huge black tent and line

The iSchool Capstone event, decorated with our huge black tent and line

We were in disbelief of the popularity of The Ghost Anatomy Project, which we were told caught the attention of the entire room. People we didn’t even know were telling visitors that this was the project to see at capstone. With such a huge line, we split tasks to effectively manage the event, and share our project with as many people as possible. Ted ushered in visitors in groups of three, while Ngoc showed people inside the tent how to use the interface, and Ashish, Connie, and Alyssa talked to judges and visitors in line. It was incredible gaining the support and excitement of project supporters, friends, family, and complete strangers. We received many compliments on how cool and exciting the project was.

The Ghost Anatomy Project Business Cards

The Ghost Anatomy Project Business Cards

Our hard work paid off when we heard “The Ghost Anatomy Project” announced for one of the four Audience Choice Awards! We were proud to join Fidget, MIST, and Waitless on the stage. Being recognized as one of the best capstone projects was a shining moment to end our college careers. With this chapter of The Ghost Anatomy Project successfully closed, we plan on sharing our interface with Trond Nilsen, our collaborator from the UW Structural Informatics Group, and discussing whether or not to continue developing features for the anatomy application.

We couldn’t have accomplished what we did without the help and support of all of our collaborators, teachers, user testers, friends, and family. A huge thanks to everyone who made this insanely awesome project possible, especially Trond Nilsen, Matt Turner, Francis Nguyen, and David Ruiz. And a huge thanks to everyone on the team, who pulled through all-day and all-night work sessions, early morning wake ups and late night deadlines, user testing on every possible corner of campus, and countless trips to Home Depot and Lowe’s for hardware parts. The most successful projects come from the most successful teams, and in this project, not only did we find successful team, but a loving group of friends. It has been nothing but a pleasure to work with this team the entire year. We did it!


Signing Off,

The Ghost Anatomy Project


Your Audience Choice Award winners, The Ghost Anatomy Project!

Your Proud Audience Choice Award Winners, The Ghost Anatomy Project!

Alyssa (5)

Ashish (5)

Connie (5)

Ngoc (5)

Ted (5)




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