Welcome the Minimum Viable Product


With the full-sized prism finally built, we were able to test our application on its intended platform. We aimed to achieve a minimum viable product. For our display, that meant holographic-like projections on all four sides of the prism, basic rotation gestures, and basic zooming functionality.


The first step in modifying our web application to make the display look believable was changing the background color of the panels to black. With black backgrounds, the 3D anatomy models appear to be floating. Once we made quick modifications to the code we had been developing all quarter long, we tested our code on the plexiglass prism, and discovered we had a minimum viable product ready to go! We were considering rotating the canvas of the web application to more efficiently utilize the screen realestate, but upon testing decided to stick with our default canvas to maximized image size in the display.


Our interface is alive!


While several features are left to be implemented, we have achieved a presentable interface ready for the capstone event. This quick demo video should give a flavor of what we’ll bring to the table these next upcoming weeks!

Next Steps

While we have achieved a presentable product, we are far from being at the point where we would call our application anywhere close to complete. We are currently working on implementing more gesture features to the application, including highlighting body parts and removing organ systems. The interactive Leap Motion menu is also a feature we would like to complete by the capstone presentation. Next week, we will also meet with Trond to see how far we can get with integrating a quizzing function into the interface. There is much work to be done, and we’re hoping to have as much done as possible!

Getting the highlighting function to cooperate

Point Breakdown

Ashish (5)

Ngoc (5)

Late night development parties


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