Create App Specification


Now that we have bridged the majority of the learning gap, we have come to a point in the project in which the focus will be development. In order to proceed in an organized fashion, we decided to write loose application specification, one that would be able to change as our knowledge of the framework grew.


We created a document that details the parts that need to be completed by capstone in detail. It should serve as a guideline so that all developers can stay in sync and be able to gain from each other’s knowledge/learning.


We created a specification linked here. The content of this document is subject to change as development continues.

Point Breakdown

Each group member contributed ideas to the functionality of the application. Ashish, Ngoc, Ted, and Connie focused on the the technical aspects of the application where Alyssa focused on making sure the design principles would hold up in the implementation.

Ashish (5 / 25)
Ngoc (5/ 25)

Alyssa (5 / 30)

Connie (5 / 30)
Ted (5/ 30)


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