Design Document

For this milestone, we created our application design document. We want to provide explicit information about the requirements for out project and how the project is put together. Our design spec contains several main parts including problem statement, project scope, platform specifics, software specifics, personas, use case, and application details. These specifications are made in order to help us to have more clear direction when we are developing the application.



We achieved this milestone by  gathering and formulating what we have done throughout the past 15 weeks. After conducting user research with our hi-fi prototype, we have gathered all the necessary information we need to design our application. And when we were exploring the leap motion and playing with 3D models, we found out some limits of the technologies we are using. For examples, the groping motion to take off layers doesn’t not work with leap motion while the sensor can not recognize users’ fingers when they get too close to users’ palm; and also leap motion can not differentiate the swiping motion and the horizontal movement of cursor.

Therefore, throughout the process of this milestone, we have iteratively redesigned our application. The dev team and the design team have collaboratively discussed about how to implement the most user-friendly design under the technology constrains. While the design of the application eventually has to compromise our limited time and budget, this deliverable helped us to recognize and reassure our project scope and priority tasks.

Point Breakdown

The tasks were equally distributed to all members.

Connie(5): Covered the scope of the project and assumption of the users.

Ashish(5): Covered the software specification.

Ted(5): Covered users and persona.

Alyssa(5): Covered application details.

Ngoc(5): Covered hardware specifications.

Deliverable: Design Document


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