Development Meeting with Trond


Accomplishing a task such an incredible technical feat as rendering and displaying a human body and identifying all the individual components is no small endeavor.

For this reason, we requested the help of Trond Nilsen, a quite brilliant software engineer. Trond is a graduate student who’s research is closely aligned with ours. He has already built the model rendering and viewing into his application. We are currently having weekly meetings to work on upgrading his current project to support the Pepper’s Ghost illusion/interface. The process will require splitting the render into multiple views, and passing gestures in as function calls to manipulate his view. 



Every Monday, we meet with Trond. After the first session we were able to add all of the math calculations and adjustments to Trond’s engine to allow for 4 separate Three.js cameras of a single model.

After setting up a local web server, the models can be fed in and viewed as such.

Hologram split

View Split for Hologram Use

If one were to place a prism on the screen with this  application running, you would be able to see the illusion of a floating, 3D human body.


During the next meeting we able to integrate the Leap Controller and get a data stream from the pinch-to-zoom gesture. Before the next meeting, we hope to be able to get all of the gestures implemented and added to the application.



All of the new application code we created was pushed to a GitHub repository.

Open source and available here.

To download and test, use an apache/nginx web server.

Your browser must be compatible with webgl to view.


Point Breakdown

Each team member spent some time with Trond throughout each work period and helped integrate our ideas with Trond’s framework.

All members equally contributed to the reading of Trond’s code base and helped him to integrate view splitting and leap controls.







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