Gather Participants for High-Fidelity Prototype Testing

Participation Proclamation! (Part 2)
Group Members Responsible: Alyssa, Connie, Ted

“We… w-we can’t give up,” stuttered Ted, who was on the verge of passing out after days of coding nonstop in order to meet the team’s milestone deadline. It wasn’t just Ted — the entire team had been writing up the tutorial code that Ngoc and Ashish had valiantly compiled so that they can learn the basics of Three.js and the Leap Motion API.

Connie was curled up into a ball in the corner of the iSchool T.E. Lab of Mary Gates Hall. Alyssa was shaking, perhaps from the unfathomable amount of coffee that she had consumed over the last 24 hours in order to maintain her zombified state-of-mind. You could see her bloodshot eyes from a mile away. But Alyssa carried on, out of sheer willpower and motivation.

“Hang in there guys! We’re almost done,” encouraged Alyssa, who was the only, and not to mention most optimistic, project manager the Ghost’s Anatomy team could ever ask for. “I know you guys are all tired from coding all night long, but once we put together our lo-fi study results, we only have one thing left to do!”

“Wuh… one thing left to do?” reiterated Ted.

“Yeah… one thing left…” affirmed Alyssa. And then thump. Alyssa was down. Ted hesitated. He was lost, confused, and broke down, shaking his head in denial while scratching his scalp in utter defeat. And then there was silence.

Time stopped for a brief moment. Not a single creature in the room moved a muscle. The room gave off an atmosphere of despair. It was as if your roommates were stealing all of the internet bandwidth while you sat in your room, alone, waiting for the next episode of House of Cards, on Netflix, to buffer. Sheer and utter torture.

And then it hit them. Connie, crawling towards the team similarly to how the boy from the Grudge did, gathered all of the remnants her energy and used the last of it up to give the team one final push. ”We only have one thing left to do!” she rejoiced. “We need to gather participants for our hi-fidelity prototype testing!”

And so our quest continued. We gathered a list of possible participants, and made sure that our pool of participants was as diverse as possible, ranging from undergraduates to instructors to medical students; from nyancats to octopi to doges. Feel free to take a look at our deliverable for this milestone by clicking below!

Deliverable: Email Body Text

I hope you enjoyed reading both chapters of the Participation Proclamation Saga.
Until we meet again!

Ted T.

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