Design API Specification and New Directions

Linking the Leap Motion API and three.js library requires a lot of integration and complicated development. To abstract the functions we need for our application, we were initially planning to write an API that abstracts the backend linkage between the two resources, and allow us to make simple function calls in order to develop certain features.

Today, we met with an amazing researcher and developer named Trond Nilsen who is working on a related anatomy application for his dissertation. He is using 3D models in conjunction with the three.js library, which is exactly what we need to do for our project, and his project contains a great deal of the core functionality we would need for our application. To our delight, Trond has vocalized his desire to collaborate with The Ghost Anatomy Project in order to gain a more user-centric and displayable interface. We are incredibly exited to collaborate with such an experienced developer with extensive knowledge in both the field of anatomy and development of anatomy-related applications.
While we were originally going to build an API to mask the backend code in combining the Leap Motion and three.js code, Trond has agreed to complete most of the three.js code, leaving it up to our team to use the Leap Motion API and integrate it. Since we are no longer dealing with three.js ourselves, it is no longer necessary for us to write an API or have a Design API Specification detailing the features of the API. In response to our shifting development direction, we have created a document expressing the details of our collaborative development with Trond.  

Members involved: Ashish, Ngoc


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