Gather Participants for Low-Fidelity Prototype Testing

Participation Proclamation! (Part 1)

“What a sexy idea! Our Low-Fidelity Prototype will blow everyone’s minds!” exclaimed Ted, who was mesmerized by Alyssa’s creative design concept. The research team had gathered around the lone rectangular table in the iSchool T.E. Lab of Mary Gates Hall for their weekly researcher meeting. They had but one goal: to figure how they should conduct the lo-fi prototype testing for their Ghost’s Anatomy project.

After a brief moment of relief, laughter, and joy, Alyssa brought up one of the most thought-provoking questions that had ever been brought up during our meetings.

“But now what are we supposed to do?”

And then there was a slight pause. What lasted for seconds seemed like it lasted for minutes; hours; no, days. All three researchers looked into the yonder whilst trying to figure out what the team’s next course of actions should be. Not only could they hear the cooling fans roaring throughout the room, but they could feel every bit of wind tingling through their bodies, almost as if they were holograms themselves.

And then it hit them. Connie stood up. “I know! I have it!” she rejoiced. “We need to gather participants for our low-fidelity prototype testing!”

And so our quest began. We gathered a list of possible participants, and made sure that our pool of participants was as diverse as possible, ranging from undergraduates to instructors to medical students; from nyancats to octopi to doges. Feel free to take a look at our deliverable for this milestone by clicking below!

Members involved: Alyssa, Ashish, Connie, Ngoc, Ted

Deliverable: Email Body Text

WARNING: Spoiler alert! (highlight below to view content)
In the end, our quest was a success! We were able to gather not one, not two, but five spectacular participants. Our participant demographics ranged from students to instructors to even Teds!

Stay tuned for another exciting episode of Participation Proclamation.
In and out!

Ted T.

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