Tutorial Fun!

Hello everyone,

We are really excited to dive in and start writing code for our application. But first, we need to take baby steps before we can start running. With none of the team members having significant knowledge in our two main frameworks (Leap Motion and Three.js), we have to start by following simple tutorials to get a firm grasp of what we are grappling with. The Development Team (Ashish & I) will have a head start while the Research Team (Connie, Ted, Alyssa) work on gathering user requirements and conducting contextual inquiries.

Leap Tutorials

The Leap Motion tutorials for JavaScript are pretty well-written and a bit entertaining. In short, it teaches us to connect to a Leap Motion device,  getting animation frames, adjusting to leap space coordinates and reading gesture from a device.

Too many people, too many gestures on a leap device.

Too many people, too many gestures on a leap device.

Three.js Tutorials

There are many Three.js tutorials available on the interwebz. We were lucky enough to find a pretty good one that explained most of the concept concisely and still gave us enough exposure. Through these tutorials, we learned about drawing objects, manipulating them, textures and meshes, particles, models, animations and shaders. In all, very interesting stuff, and it’s nice to see your work unfold in front of you so quickly. If you want to see the end product, it’s here: http://students.washington.edu/ngocmdo/threejs/


It’s more appealing with animations. Click the live link above!

We’re excited to integrate these two technologies together and see what we can produce out of it. Hopefully we can do it with no issues!

Members involved: Alyssa, Ashish, Connie, Ngoc, Ted

 Deliverable: https://github.com/GhostCapstone


Until next time,


Members involved: All


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