Preliminary Interviews / Analysis

For our preliminary interviews, we conducted several interviews to figure out how we should design our initial lo-fi prototype. The process involved us going to several students, instructors, and lectures to get an idea and feel of what the anatomy learning process is like. We then conducted interviews based on our contextual inquiry script to mine out all of the information regarding how users study anatomy.

Each group member conducted multiple sets of interviews with several anatomy students and instructors. During these interviews, one member would ask questions, and the other would take notes.

We also took part in an anatomy lecture so that we could get a feel of what it’s like to learn anatomy. This help us a lot in terms of being able to understand how anatomy students think, and getting a broader perspective of what the users may possibly want.


In the end, we were able to gather valuable data that will help us design our lo-fi prototype. Thanks to our preliminary contextual inquiry interviews, we now have an idea of what directions we should head towards, and have a solid understand of what the users need.

Members involved: Alyssa, Ashish, Connie, Ngoc, Ted

Deliverable: Interview Notes

Deliverable: Task Analysis


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